Your Android mobile will notify you when it is time to change its battery

Android is working to offer an estimate of the remaining capacity of the mobile battery.

Gone are the times when the batteries inflated , slightly raised the back cover of the mobile phone and, automatically, we were aware that it had to be changed. Times move on, and now it seems that we are going to have a new way of knowing: Android phones will notify you when you need to replace the battery .

To start addressing this topic, it never hurts to know the difference between the mAh and Wh of electronic devices . Once we have this clear, it is also interesting to know that Android phones receive updates for longer and longer periods of time, reaching seven years in the case of the Google Pixel 8 series, for example.

Therefore, if you do not intend to change your smartphone while it enjoys support from the company, what you will have to renew will be the battery: its useful life degrades over time, which translates into a reduction in battery life. the maximum load capacity . Furthermore, this cannot be avoided with failed tricks, such as disabling ProMotion to save battery life on the iPhone .

Knowing when you need to replace your phone’s battery will be much easier

Although there are some apps that are capable of estimating when the mobile battery needs to be changed, none of them know how to calculate the remaining capacity with certainty. And this is where the tests of Android 14 come in , which has been working so that its phones can track the battery status, something that we can probably enjoy in Android 15 .

Until then, a post from Android Authority has confirmed that Google is rolling out a new battery information page for the Pixel 8 Pro , which you can find in the Settings > About Phone tab . As you can see in the following screenshots, this will offer the manufacturing date and the battery cycle count:


Android 14 battery informationDetails Battery information Android 14.png

In addition to this data, details such as the date of first use, the charging policy, the charging status and the health status of the battery will also be displayed , the latter being especially interesting. To get an idea, if a Pixel 8 has a capacity of 4,575 mAh and the battery health is at 90%, we would be talking about a charging capacity of approximately 4,118 mAh.

On the other hand, and here comes the best part, it will offer advice when the battery capacity degrades or cannot be detected , thus ensuring that the user does not have to verify it on their own. However, the new battery status page is not available yet , but Android users will be able to find it soon in the Settings app.

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