tips and tricks to speed up your Android or iPhone and recover its speed

If your phone seems to have slowed down over time, we give you several tips and tricks to speed it up, regardless of whether it is an Android or an iPhone.

We bring you a series of tips to make your mobile recover speed if you are noticing that it is going too slow. And we are going to try to give you tips that will be useful regardless of whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, although there may be some that are for a specific operating system.

As time goes by, it is normal for your mobile phone to lose speed for various reasons. It is inevitable, because running apps and services accumulate and the internal components of the device degrade. However, there are some maintenance actions you can do to regain a lot of that speed.

In this guide, we are going to give advice from the most basic to others that are a little more advanced, explained for users without much experience in mobile phones. But if you think we have left out any important advice, you can leave it in the comments section. Thus, the rest of the inexperienced readers will be able to benefit from the knowledge of our community of Xmodapk.

First restart your mobile

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Just like with the computer, if you notice that your phone is a little slow, start by restarting it . Sometimes, we make the mistake of keeping our phone on non-stop for days or weeks, and like any computer, it is highly advisable to restart it from time to time.

When you do this, all processes are also restarted and start working again from scratch. Thus, any specific error that you may be having will generally be solved, and if this error in a process or an application caused the mobile to be slow, it will also be solved.

Update your applications

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Your mobile applications are constantly being updated. These updates not only add and change functions, but also correct errors in the operation of an app or compatibility with new versions of the operating system.

Therefore, it is very important to update the apps you have installed . To do this, you just have to go to the application store on your device, and there look for your list of installed apps. The applications pending update will also appear there, and you can update them all at once.

Keep your operating system updated

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At the operating system level, errors may also arise or vulnerabilities be discovered. That’s why there are not only updates to the Android or iOS version number, but also other one-time updates that may come to you from time to time to fix issues that arise or are discovered.

Therefore, it is important to check that your mobile phone is updated to the latest version of the operating system available for it, and update the operating system when you have one. After a certain time, the manufacturer will stop sending you new versions of the operating system, but you will still receive security updates.

Detect which apps are causing problems

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Beyond updates, most of the time when a mobile phone suddenly slows down it is because there is an application that is working poorly in the background . Come on, you’re not actively using it, but it’s in the background of your phone running more than it should be. In these cases, this affects both the speed of the mobile phone and the autonomy.

One of the best ways to check if there is an app giving you problems is to enter the battery settings of your mobile phone, in the Battery section of the settings of your Android or iPhone. If an app is stuck slowing down your phone, it will also be consuming a lot of battery.

When you enter the Battery section , you will be able to see the list of applications that are consuming the most percentage. If an app that you are not using appears in this list , it is because it is working incorrectly in the background. Once you have detected them, you only have to force them to close or, if this or restarting the phone does not solve the problem, limit their updating in the background.

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On Android , you have to enter the Applications section of the settings. Here, you will see a list of apps, and when you enter one of them you will see several options, including forcing it to close. You can also disable its operation in the background.

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On iOS , what you can do is first force the app to close, and then limit apps from running in the background. To do this, go to the settings, go down to the list of apps and click on the name of the one that was causing problems. There, deactivate the Background Update option , and that’s it.

Uninstall all the applications you can

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The more apps you have, the more of them there will be running in the background, the more resources they will consume, and the slower your phone will go. Therefore, one of the main tips for any mobile phone or computer, regardless of the operating system, is to uninstall all the apps that you do not use and all the ones that you do not need.

Many of us tend to end up accumulating apps, some of which we use only a couple of times a year. Well, if you are worried about the speed of your mobile, then it is better to uninstall them, and then if you are going to need them later you can always reinstall them.

Restore your phone

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If none of these tricks have worked for you, the last resort is to reset your phone and return it to its factory state. This is like formatting the computer and reinstalling the operating system, so that when you restore it everything will go as quickly as possible.

Here remember to make a backup copy of your mobile so that after restoring you can recover your photos and videos, as well as other important data. After the backup is restored, you may also recover the installed apps, and it is also best to delete all the ones you don’t need again.

Other specific tricks for Android or iPhone

In addition to the procedures that we have proposed, you also have other things you can do specific to the operating system you have on your mobile. The procedures are different for Android and for iOS, and that is why we are going to separate them.

Speed ​​up your Android mobile a little more:

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  • Speed ​​up (or eliminate) animations : In the section about your phone with information about it, click on your Android version several times until you activate the developer settings. Then go to them, and speed up or disable the operating system animations. The phone itself will go faster, but by having faster animations or not having them at all, all the transitions will be faster and it will seem like it is going faster.
  • Use webapps or lite versions : Some applications have Lite or light versions with fewer options and that are faster, and are an alternative that helps lighten the phone. You can also use progressive web applications that you can use instead of installable apps.
  • Change the Android launcher : Android Launchers are what determine the look and options of the desktop, its aesthetics and how it works. Often, turning to a third-party launcher like Nova Launcher can not only give you more options and flexibility, but also better performance, especially when your manufacturer has not optimized theirs well.
  • Change the cell phone battery : If your cell phone is already three or four years old, its battery may have degraded and may cause it to wear out too soon. Therefore, you can take it to a specialized store to have it changed.

Speed ​​up your Android mobile a little more:

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  • Reduce animations : Go to your iPhone’s settings, go to Accessibility , and tap Motion . Here, activate the Reduce Motion option
  • . This will reduce the animations, so even if the phone runs just as fast, it will seem like it has gained speed by having faster transitions.
  • Activate low consumption mode : Within the Battery settings of your mobile, you can activate Low consumption mode . This will disable many background processes, speeding up the phone, but it is only a temporary patch since you will lose many functions. But it is valid for specific moments.
  • Change the cell phone battery : If your cell phone is already three or four years old, its battery may have degraded and may cause it to wear out too soon. Therefore, you can take it to a specialized store to have it changed.

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