The secret to prevent airplane mode from being activated if your iPhone is stolen

A simple setting that must be disabled.


We are going to explain how to prevent airplane mode from being activated in case your iPhone is stolen , a privacy and security feature that is activated by default and that must be turned off manually through the iPhone’s Settings application . This setting will provide an extra layer of security to your device thanks to Face ID or Touch ID .

In this article we will show you how to disable the setting to prevent airplane mode from being activated in case of theft , so that you can restrict access to the Control Center with the iPhone locked and it can only be accessed through biometric recognition.

With this setting, Control Center can only be accessed with the iPhone locked using Face ID

Although Control Center is useful for quickly accessing various iPhone features, it is not safe to access while your iPhone is locked. Because? Because anyone can access it to deactivate airplane mode , for example. Fortunately, the iPhone has a setting that can prevent this.

However, this setting is activated by default, so to deactivate it, we need to follow these steps:

  1. We open the Settings application on our iPhone.
  2. We enter Face ID or Touch ID and code .
  3. We enter the security code.
  4. We look for the Allow access when blocked section .
  5. We deactivate Control Center .

And ready. With this setting disabled, access to the Control Center with the iPhone locked will be blocked . Accessing it will only be possible using Face ID, Touch ID or password . This resource will prevent them from activating the airplane mode of our iPhone in case of theft.

With this section of the Settings , you will not only be able to block access to the Control Center, but you will also have other actions to prevent access to the Notification Center , Siri, Spotlight or the widgets section. This way, you can keep your iPhone a little more protected.

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