How to turn Google Safe Search on and off

In this guide I explain how to enable safe search on Google in different ways, both on your mobile device and on your computer. This way you can make potentially dangerous links disappear.

In this guide I explain everything you need to know about Google safe search . First, I show you what exactly it is and why it is related to other concepts already analyzed, such as parental controls on Disney + or other streaming platforms. In addition, I show you three ways to activate or deactivate this security functionality that will allow you to keep the little ones safe from harmful content on the Internet.

  • What is Google Safe Search?
  • Three ways to activate Google safe search
    • In the Google app
    • On the web, for mobile or computer
    • Throughout the network, with a DNS server

What is Google Safe Search?

Google Safe Search is a tool designed with the aim of filtering results that may lead to inappropriate content . As detailed by the company itself , this category includes links that provide access to images or videos with explicit sexual content , nudity, realistic sex toys, escort services or sexual dates, as well as violent or bloody scenes . This function has been implemented to generate a search environment that protects the little ones.

How does it work? Safe search is based on systems based on machine learning and other factors that allow explicit content to be identified and filtered. It is achieved thanks to the analysis of keywords present on web pages and in links, using intelligent algorithms that continually adapt to new forms of unwanted content. In this way, Google achieves precise and effective identification of inappropriate material, with hardly any human intervention.

Why should you activate Google Safe Search? There are many reasons, but the main one is to protect the little ones from inappropriate content. In this sense, there are three areas where active safe search is interesting:

  • Family devices . For parents, Google Safe Search becomes a valuable tool to monitor and limit their children’s access to content not suitable for their age. By configuring this function, parents can rest assured because the main search engine will filter out those websites that are dangerous or have explicit content.
  • Educational institutions . In the educational environment, institutions also benefit from this Google feature, as it ensures that students access appropriate and educational information online.
  • Companies . If we talk about the workplace, it is common for employees to search the Internet to obtain information relevant to their work. Safe search acts as an additional layer of protection, preventing search results from displaying inappropriate content that could compromise the integrity of the work environment. This helps maintain a respectful work environment free of unwanted distractions.

Three ways to activate Google safe search

Although the Internet provides countless resources that contribute to the education of children, such as the best websites for children to learn to read , it is also full of inappropriate content. If this worries you, safe search is a system that allows you to gain peace of mind. Let’s see how to activate it in different ways.

In the Google app

The first way to activate safe search on an Android mobile is with the Google application itself.

How to turn Google Safe Search on and off

This is how easy it is to activate safe search on Google for Android

These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Open the Google app.
  2. Click on your account avatar.
  3. Go to Settings .
  4. Tap Safe Search .
  5. Click on Exclude so that images or links to explicit content do not appear.

Additionally, you can click Disable to see all search results, or Blur so that explicit content is censored.

On the web, for mobile or computer

Obviously, many of the searches are done through the browser. Therefore, it is important that you activate safe search on the Google website.

How to turn Google Safe Search on and off

Remember to activate safe search on Google for browsers

It is done like this:

  1. Go to Google and press the menu button to open it.
  2. Click on Safe Search .
  3. Activate or deactivate the function from this section.

It is also available on the computer. Simply click on Settings , a link located in the Google footer.

Throughout the network, with a DNS server

The above method allows you to disable safe search very easily. If your children learn to do it, there is little you can do to prevent inappropriate results from appearing . Therefore, in this last section I propose the most effective option of all. I mean setting up a DNS for the entire network.

One that works really well is AdGuard DNS . By implementing it across the entire network, any device that connects to WiFi will have safe search enabled by default . It will not be possible to deactivate it from the settings of Google or another search engine.

AdGuard offers three types of servers. The one that interests you the most is the one called Family Protection Server . Includes the following:

  • Ad blocking.
  • Blocking trackers.
  • Blocking adult content.
  • Default activation of safe search on Google and Bing.

These are their IP addresses:

  • Main server:
  • Secondary server:

For these restrictions to apply to the entire network, you need to change the router’s DNS server . Additionally, if your children’s devices have an Internet connection through mobile data, you can change the private DNS on Android .

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