How to make coffee – The answer, Whatever Your Machine is

Making coffee is not just a morning routine task. To a large chunk of enthusiasts, how to make coffee is an art; while for others it’s pure science. This is probably due to the fact that the history of coffee is very long, with its first discovery as a miraculous bean occurring over 600 years ago. Call it a chance, but at some point a wildfire burned down a plantation and roasted its beans. The owner of the plantation tried munching on the roasted beans but noticed they were too hard – forcing him to try boiling them up to “soften” them. He tried drinking the soup created from boiling the beans, and coffee as we know it today was born.How to Make Coffee

Obviously, a lot has changed since then, with the discovery of the benefits of having the beans ground after the roasting process. It became so popular that it became one of the major trade commodities, and both the drink and plant spread worldwide; with different countries cultivating and preparing it in particular ways.

Nowadays, with our advanced technology,  more efficient techniques in both farming for and preparing it have spread: so much that coffee brewing machines are widely available and affordable, not to mention the different varieties and “signature” roasts from all over the world thanks to the improved world market. Today I will be discussing how to make coffee with each type of machine, to make sure you make the most of it.

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