How to create AI wallpapers in Android 14

Do you want a unique wallpaper for yourself? We teach you how to generate it using AI on your mobile with Android 14.

If you want to put a wallpaper on your mobile other than the one that comes standard, you will surely be thinking about looking for the most original image for it. You have the option of searching websites to download 4k wallpapers , but what if you created your own image for it? You don’t need to have great design or drawing skills to do this. Artificial Intelligence allows you to create exclusive wallpapers in a fairly simple way if you have a mobile phone with Android 14.

You do not need to use any additional app or website. The operating system itself allows you to create your wallpapers with AI in a simple way.

  • Steps to create your wallpaper with AI in Android 14
  • Requirements to create wallpapers with AI from my mobile
  • Other options to create wallpapers with AI
Steps to create a wallpaper with AI on a Google Pixel mobile.

Steps to create a wallpaper with AI on a Google Pixel mobile.

Steps to create your wallpaper with AI in Android 14

In this process to create a personalized wallpaper we are not going to use any application or any image generator using Artificial Intelligence. We are going to take advantage of a function that we can find in Android 14 , although at the moment it is only available on some phones. With this function you can have your own wallpaper in a matter of seconds, quickly and easily. The steps you must follow to do this are the following:

  1. Leave your finger pressed for a few seconds on your home screen.
  2. Select Wallpaper and style.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, select More wallpapers.
  4. At the top left, tap AI Wallpaper.
  5. Select a theme from the available options.
  6. Click on the underlined words to change any of the attributes of your wallpaper.
  7. Click on the Create wallpaper button, which will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Wait a few seconds until the image is generated.
  9. Move through the different images that have been created until you find the one you want to use as your wallpaper. If none of them convince you, click again on Create wallpaper so that the AI ​​creates new images.
  10. When you have chosen the image, click on the tick that you will find in the upper left.

Although this is a very interesting option to create exclusive wallpapers for yourself, the reality is that this function is still a bit limited . And we have to adjust to the topics and ideas that Google itself proposes, without having the possibility of requesting an image on the topic we want. We will have an exclusive wallpaper, but only on specific themes.

But although to choose a specific theme for our wallpaper it may be better to download 4K wallpapers from a specialized website, the reality is that the idea of ​​having a wallpaper that only you have is something that is very attractive . And it is always something you can try and if it doesn’t convince you, look for another option.

Google Pixel phone and some wallpapers.

Google Pixel phone and some wallpapers.

Requirements to create wallpapers with AI from my mobile

As we have mentioned previously, in order to access this function that allows us to generate wallpapers with the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is essential that we have a mobile phone with Android 14. It is a function that Google has recently added, so in the case Even if you have a smartphone with an older version of the operating system, you will not be able to create these types of wallpapers. But at the moment not all smartphones with the latest version of Android allow you to create wallpapers by AI. In fact, it is a function that in principle has only reached the Google Pixel .

In the event that you have a mobile with Android 14 that is not a Google Pixel , it is likely that the option to generate wallpapers with AI will end up arriving at some point when a system update is performed. But at the moment the only people who can follow the steps we have indicated so far to create their wallpapers are those who have a Pixel range smartphone. If this is not your case, you will have no choice but to look for other options.

Bing Image Generator.

Bing Image Generator.

Other options to create wallpapers with AI

If you don’t have a Google Pixel mobile, you don’t have to give up having a wallpaper created especially for you thanks to Artificial Intelligence, although you will have some important limitations. The best alternative you can do is create an image using an AI image generation tool and then use it as wallpaper for your mobile. And although numerous tools for this have come on the market in recent months, we are going to use the Microsoft Bing Image Builder , which is probably the most popular.

To generate your image, you will only have to enter the image generator and log in with your Microsoft account. Next, you will have to write what you want to appear in the image that is generated . The more detailed your description, the more the final result will resemble what you have in your head. Then wait a few seconds and you will have four images related to the prompt you have written. Now you will have to click on the one you like the most and, on the page dedicated to that image, click on Download so that the image is saved in your gallery.

To set that image as wallpaper, the first thing you will have to do is search for it in your gallery. Click on the icon with three dots to bring up the image menu and select Set as wallpaper . Now indicate whether you want it to be your wallpaper, the lock screen background, or both. Of course, keep in mind that the images generated are square, so it is possible that when using it as wallpaper the result will not be perfect.

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