7 Essential Tips When Creating Your Website with WordPress

7 tips to create your website with WordPress

  1. Keep in mind that creating the website is only the first step.
  2. First prepare the content for your site.
  3. Be careful when choosing web hosting.
  4. Don’t choose your WordPress theme solely for the visual aspect.
  5. Don’t go overboard installing plugins.
  6. Don’t get too complicated with the choice of colors.
  7. Choose a font with good readability.

1. Keep in mind that creating the website is only the first step

One thing you have to be clear about is that making the website is only the first step. I would even say that it is the most “simple.” There are many people who set out to create their website and to finish it they spend months and months making adjustments so that everything is perfect.

And I think it’s a mistake.

Because the complicated part comes later, which is making it your tool to attract new customers and sell your products or services. It is enough that your website is easy to navigate, has good readability, and has a design that does not scare away users.

You will have time to polish the small details little by little.

2. First prepare the content for your site

A fairly common mistake is starting the website without having the structure and content prepared.

In fact, if you choose to hire a WordPress designer , one of the first things they will ask or request is that you give them the content and structure of your website.

Starting to look at WordPress templates, testing plugins, colors, among others, before preparing the content of the website (texts, structure, images, logo, etc.), is like starting to build the house from the roof.

The first thing you have to do is define the structure of your website: How many sections will it have? Home, about me, services, contact, among others.

Once you are clear about the structure, you will have to write the texts for each page/section. The issue of texts is very important, I would say even more than the design of the website itself. So, if you can afford it, I recommend that you hire a copywriter to write your texts and develop the content.

And as for the logo and images, my recommendation is that you don’t get too complicated. A simple logo and images with good resolution that do not look pixelated is more than enough.

Of course, do not use images downloaded directly from Google Images, because it is quite likely that they are copyrighted and you will still get into legal problems if you use them. It is best to download images from a free (or paid) image bank.

You can try these free image banks:

  • pixabay.com
  • unsplash.com
  • stocksnap.io

These image banks have a wide variety of photos that you can use without fear of getting into legal problems, although the ideal is that you use your own images because many of the stock images are already widely viewed.

3. Be careful when choosing web hosting

To create your website with WordPress and have total control over it, you will have to hire web hosting (hosting) and a domain (what is the name of your website).

This part is quite important, because the security and loading speed of your site and web pages will depend largely on the hosting you hire. Additionally, if you hire good WordPress hosting, you are less likely to have technical problems or website crashes due to some server configuration or limitation.

Dealing with these issues when you’re just starting out can be quite frustrating.

How to choose a good hosting for WordPress?

To choose a good hosting there is no universal rule that works for everyone. It is not the same to look for hosting for a website that already has thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of visits per month as it is for a new website with hardly any traffic.

In addition, you also have to keep in mind that if, for example, you do not speak English very well, it is better that you hire a hosting with support in Spanish. Technical problems in themselves are sometimes difficult to explain, and if you add the language barrier on top of that, you will be making your life quite complicated.

So, don’t complicate things, hire a hosting with support in your language because you will surely have to go to it at some point. That said, when choosing hosting for WordPress, there are a number of requirements that the web hosting company must meet.

Here, above all, it is important that your hosting allows you to use the recommended version of PHP and that it offers you a free SSL certificate , such as Let’s Encrypt, so that your website is loaded with the secure HTTPS protocol.

It is something that the vast majority of hostings usually offer without charging any extra. In the event that the hosting company does not meet these minimum requirements or charges you for an SSL certificate, it is best to discard that web hosting company and look for another.

4. Don’t choose your WordPress theme solely for the visual aspect

Once you have the hosting and domain contracted, you can start looking for a template or rather theme for WordPress .

In this section, a fairly common mistake is to focus too much on the visual, when what is really important is the loading speed and the style settings of the template.

To analyze the performance of a template you can use tools like GTmetrix or Pingdom Tools . These tools will tell you the number of requests that the templates make to the server and the weight of the files (Java Script and CSS). The lower the weight and number of requests, the better.

Please note that you should test on a clean WordPress installation without any plugins activated. Since doing performance tests is already something a bit technical, I am going to recommend some WordPress themes that I use and I know that they work well in terms of performance and that they are very flexible when designing a website.

Quick and easy to customize WordPress templates

If you are going to start with a free theme, I would recommend the Kadence or Astra template.


Kadence is a relatively new theme that you can download from the WordPress repository, and it has many customization options for being free , which is not common in free versions of WordPress templates. For this reason, I always recommend purchasing a premium theme.


Astra, in its free version, is also a good option, although it does not have as many design adjustments as Kadence, but instead it allows you to import demos of complete websites . On their website you can see all the free demos that you can import. This is very useful if you are starting out and design is not your strong suit, because designing your website from scratch requires more work and knowledge.

Once you import the demo you like the most, you will simply have to adapt it to your liking and change the example content. Although the free versions of these two themes are quite good, if you have the budget to invest, I recommend that you opt for the premium version of one of them. That way, you will have all its functionalities and style settings at your disposal.

Additionally, when you purchase the template you can contact support so they can help you if you have any questions or problems. If neither of the two templates I mentioned convince you, take a look at GeneratePress Premium, which is another quite popular WordPress theme that stands out for its excellent performance in terms of loading speed, flexibility, and style settings.

It is the one I have used on my website since it practically came on the market.

5. Don’t go overboard installing plugins

Depending on the characteristics of your website, you will need one or another plugins, but always try to keep the number of installed plugins to a minimum. And if there is a plugin that you don’t use, delete it, don’t just leave it disabled. Leaving unused plugins disabled is a fairly common beginner mistake.

Keep in mind that the fewer plugins you have installed, the less likely it is that a security hole will arise on your website due to a plugin vulnerability. In addition, having many plugins installed usually affects the performance of the website. So, the fewer plugins you use, the better.

As there are many plugins to choose from (more than 60 thousand in the WordPress repository alone), I am going to leave you a list of a series of basic plugins that you should know to cover aspects such as CRM, security, loading speed, SEO, backups, among others.

CRM – HubSpot

The HubSpot WordPress plugin is designed to make your life much easier. In context, the plugin connects your WordPress website with your HubSpot CRM to seamlessly send contact information collected in your CMS directly to your contact management tools.

Your business can easily capture, organize and engage visitors with a variety of features including free forms, live chat and email marketing; Plus, you can add any of these to your WordPress pages and posts without any additional coding.

Instead of having to switch between your CMS and CRM software to measure your growth, the plugin allows you to view your analytics within the same WordPress dashboard. At the same time, it integrates seamlessly with other popular solutions such as Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Stripe, and Zapier.

CRM plugins for WordPress: HubSpot

With the HubSpot plugin for WordPress you can design attractive popup forms for WordPress that convert visitors into leads. Thanks to the drop and drag function, you can additionally design your pop-ups easily and without the need for technical knowledge. Through them you can share forms, link to any URL (whether inside or outside of HubSpot), offer file downloads, schedule meetings or invite to an event you are organizing.

On the other hand, with the free HubSpot plugin for WordPress you can create  professional contact forms  to collect relevant information from visitors from your website. It is not necessary to have programming or design knowledge.

Visual Editor – Elementor

Wordpress plugin for visual editing: Elementor

Elementor is a page builder with which you can design your website in an intuitive way without having to touch code. It is currently one of the best visual editors for WordPress with more than 5 million active installations.

The good thing is that if the free version falls short, you can install an addon for Elemenor with which to expand its functionalities. There are many in the WordPress repository. And if you opt for the premium version of Elementor, you can design your entire website from scratch. In fact, you wouldn’t even need to buy a template.

Those from Elementor have created a WordPress theme called Hello Theme to create a website only using Elementor. If you want to know more about Elementor and everything it offers, check out this article on Elementor Pro .

Security Plugin – iTheme Security

WordPress plugin for security

It is a free plugin that improves WordPress security. I like it above all because it allows you to change the WordPress access URL to another URL so that no curious person tries to access it.

It also has an option to redirect HTTP URLs to HTTPS. This is important so that your website loads with the HTTPS protocol and appears secure to the user.

Backup Plugin – WPvivid

WordPress backup plugin

This plugin allows you to create periodic backup copies of your website and store them outside your hosting such as DropBox or Google Drive.

With WPvivid you can even migrate your website from one hosting to another and the best of all is that it is free.

Plugin Cache – WP Rocket

WordPress plugin for loading speed: WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a caching plugin that is used to improve the loading speed of your website. It is paid, but it is one of the best in its category.

As a free alternative you can try Swift Performance Lite, WP Fastest Cache or LiteSpeed ​​Cache (the latter only works on some hostings).

Antispam Plugin – Honeypot Anti-Spam

Anti-spam WordPress plugin: Honeypot Anti-Spam

If your page has a blog and you are going to allow comments on articles, it is essential that you install an antispam plugin. Honeypot Anti-Spam is a free plugin that you just have to install and activate, you don’t have to configure anything else.

It only has one configuration option that you can activate if you want to review spam comments. Otherwise, it will directly delete any spam comments it detects.

SEO Plugin – Yoast SEO

WordPress SEO Plugin: Yoast

To optimize your website for web positioning you will have to install an SEO plugin. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular free WordPress plugins. There is a lot of information on how to configure it and it brings just what is necessary, without unnecessary functionalities.

These would be the basic plugins for practically any website you make. 

6. Don’t get too complicated with the choice of colors

Colors are often a difficult choice for beginner users. My recommendation is that you don’t complicate things too much, use two colors at most. One that is the main color and another as an emphasis to highlight certain elements of the web (buttons, icons…). And for the background use some shade of gray or the main color.

Finally, since the choice of colors would be enough for one or two complete articles, I recommend that you take a look at this website www.happyhues.co where there are a series of pre-designed color combinations that you could replicate and in which you can also They explain (in English) the meaning of the colors. 

7. Choose a font with good readability

More or less the same thing happens with typography as with colors. You have to go for simplicity, use two fonts at most. One for headings and one for the text. Make sure they are easy to read and not too similar. It is important that there is a good contrast between headings and paragraphs.

For headings you can use a serif font and a sans serif font for the text, or the other way around. Another method would be to use different thicknesses for headings and text.

On the fontpair.co page you have different combinations of fonts that can serve as examples. You can also use the What Font extension for Google Chrome that allows you to find out the font used by different web pages. With this extension you will be able to know what font the pages you like use

I hope you found these tips helpful!

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