How to make coffee – The answer, Whatever Your Machine is

Making coffee is not just a morning routine task. To a large chunk of enthusiasts, how to make coffee is an art; while for others it’s pure science. This is probably due to the fact that the history of coffee is very long, with its first discovery as a miraculous bean occurring over 600 years ago. Call it a chance, but at some point a wildfire burned down a plantation and roasted its beans. The owner of the plantation tried munching on the roasted beans but noticed they were too hard – forcing him to try boiling them up to “soften” them. He tried drinking the soup created from boiling the beans, and coffee as we know it today was born.How to Make Coffee

Obviously, a lot has changed since then, with the discovery of the benefits of having the beans ground after the roasting process. It became so popular that it became one of the major trade commodities, and both the drink and plant spread worldwide; with different countries cultivating and preparing it in particular ways.

Nowadays, with our advanced technology,  more efficient techniques in both farming for and preparing it have spread: so much that coffee brewing machines are widely available and affordable, not to mention the different varieties and “signature” roasts from all over the world thanks to the improved world market. Today I will be discussing how to make coffee with each type of machine, to make sure you make the most of it.

Reason Why I Love Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

Braun, primarily a German brand is now wholly owned by Procter and Gamble. Braun is a very famous brand and has been a strong player in the market since long. Like most of us know, they predominantly cater to the personal grooming and home appliances segment. In this article, I talk about why I love the Braun 9 series of electrical shavers.

A little about the 9 series

Best Braun Shavers ReviewBraun 9 series is the latest in the electrical shavers that Braun has released so far. Braun 9 series were introduced back in 2015 and new additions have been made to the series. Right now there are 7 shavers in this series in the market now with the latest being 9095 CC.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best electrical shavers in the market after series 7 which was brilliant too. Designed for the closest shave possible without irritating the skin, this has enough reasons to convince anybody. Let’s analyze the whole series a bit more closely.

The shavers in this series are mostly the same with changes in key features like Automatic cleaning system, wet/dry shaving and charging. This series is quite pricey but has a lot to offer. The models are named in the 92XX template. The CC/ S towards the end of the model tell you that it is self cleaning/ manual respectively.

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About the packaging

OK, so once you un-box, first up is the instruction manual, followed by the travel pouch (with air vents), the shiny shaver, cleansing brush, the dock (for automatic cleaning, charging and for the shaver to sit), the cleansing cartridge (the solution used by the dock to clean your shaver and finally the last yet very important item, the charger. While the rest are good to deal with, the charger is a problem. It comes with a very small cord which makes it tough. (if your plug is a bit far) Phew!! There ends the exploration.

The shiny shaver

This one is darn shiny with the chrome finish. It looks super classy and manly. The only downside is that all the fingerprints can be seen. There are two buttons on the front top – a silver slide toggle (to lock the trimmer in a position) and the power button (to power on and off). The head can be turned to five different positions, so you chose the position and slide the silver toggle to freeze that position. On top of it is the LCD display which tells you how much battery is remaining. It is also specified in it if the shaver is “wet+dry” or just “dry”. One could also spot the charging socket close by. The rubber grip is ideal and goes well with the design in general. There is also a secret pop up trimmer which is ideal for trimming mustache and goatee.

There are two black buttons on either side of the shaver head which if pressed at the same time, releases the foil and cutter block from the body. The foil and he cutter block can be attached either way as the shaver head is not symmetrical. Remember, I mentioned about the LCD display earlier? It also indicates if the shaver needs a clean. Finally, there is the “travel lock” indicator. When that is on, you cannot power on the shaver which otherwise might accidentally happen while travelling.

Coming to the battery, Braun claims that the lithium –ion battery of the series 9 offers 50 minutes of shaving from one hour charge which is very decent.

Why I love this series?

Design – Now who wouldn’t want their accessory looking stylish and classy? I absolutely love the design and the feel of holding it. It is neither too big nor too small but feels just about the right size. The size also makes it very ideal for travelling.

Trimming blades – Apart from the secret trimmer that I already mentioned (which cannot be replaced, there are three other trimmers in the actual shaving head. Direct & cut is the newest addition to the trimmers that Braun has made to the 9 series. It is specifically designed t trim hairs grown in different directions. The other two trimmers are Hyperlift & Cut (for hair that lays flat onto your skin) and Optifoil (for close shaves). I think these trimmers are brilliant and needs to be replaced only after 18 months. It gives me the closest shave possible and doesn’t tug on the skin. It absolutely holds true to its claims.

LCD Display – It makes it very easy to know how much battery is still remaining before you hit the bottom. You can charge it accordingly.

Charging/Cleansing dock – I liked how it automatically starts charging once you place it on the dock. Auto clean option is smart too.

Battery – If you are a frequent shaver like I am, then you will understand this. Since charging is quick, the battery is full almost at all times and while travelling, the charge holds up very well. Now you know how much I love this series and why it’s one of the finest in the market.

Download Latest Xmod APK Version 2.3.5 for Android & IOS

[XmodGames] With the extensive use of technology these days, it is quite popular for the people to use their mobile phones or tablets for different other purposes rather than only calling. There are lots of features coming up in the Android phones which are making it easier for the people to play games on their devices. Also, these days, many game development companies are developing software for different gaming applications which offer people real time fun. Among those various kinds of games, one is Xmod which is much popular these days. Xmodgames is software which you can install in Android phones and it will help you in hacking a particular game or a level so that you can win it.


There are lots of play store gaming applications which are supported by Xmodgames. Playing a game is like fun to people. It is not so easy to play every game but just with the scenario that many companies are developing games these days, gamers are taking advantage of installing various applications and playing games of every category like sports, action, adventure, racing, etc.  The Xmod app helps people in winning the levels easily. Most of the games are popular among the children as well and they can also make good use of this app.

Xmod  Apk Download For Android

Let us know more about the Xmod APK as its features are quite interesting and you can handle the game with your own way with the use of this application. There are different more games as well which you can deal with this application.

  • There are many modes of games available with this software.
  • You can play a game with your own way like you can unlock the new levels, objects and it affects the game a lot.
  • Its user interface is very simple and convenient and you can also navigate it easily.
  • Xmod App is also coming up with a feature called Accelerator which a gamer can use to improve the performance of the games.
  • This application is also coming up with the latest updates and latest modes of the games too.

XMod app

These are the few qualities of the game which you need to know. Now, you can understand that why Xmod Download is getting popular these days. You can also observe the importance of this application being a gamer and it will be beneficial for your mobile phone too. It does not require much space so you can install it and use it anytime. Also, installing the Xmod is very easy and handy for the people using Android mobile phone. You can simply type the name of this application that is Xmod app in the play store and you will get this application pop up which you can install it. With a good speed of internet, it will not take more than a minute to install it too.

Download movie streaming app Tv portal apk

However, there are still few people who are not able to install this application through Play Store on Android and for them; there are some ways through which they can be able to install it easily:

  • Download Xmod APK from the websites available.
  • Once you are done with this procedure, go to your phone device’s settings and turn the notification on which states “installation of apps from unknown sources” which makes enable to all the users to download or install applications from other sources than Play Store.
  • Open the latest Xmod APK file and install it to your device.
  • Once the application is installed, open and use it.

XMod app download

These are the simple ways to download Xmodgames for Android and iOS device. Although, there are Play Store options available in all the Android mobile phones so try to search and download using the proper internet connection. The best thing about this software is that the developers are working hard for the performance of this application and they are offering regular updates to it so that people can use it properly. According to the updates, these are the various new features that came in this application.

Latest update on Xmod App

  • There are new gadgets which are supported by this application so that the social interaction of games is possible.
  • You can record your games in HD and the built in screen feature offers best gaming experience.
  • You can join active and live forums where you can discuss about your experience of playing games using this application and you can read others too.
  • When you have different game modes, you can surpass your opponents easily in any game.
  • If you have Xmod App, you will get regular updates and it also supports massive modes. This is good for all kinds of modes and games.

Not only for the Android devices, but also you can download Xmodgames for iOS All you need to know is the ways to install it as it is simple and same as you have to do with the Android devices. There are some questions that may pop up in someone’s mind easily related to Xmod. The very regular, frequent or challenging questions are below with their answers too:

FAQ’s on Xmod

Query: Xmod app is not getting installed in your Android Devices?

Solution: You need to check your storage device if there is enough space that Xmod App can run. If there is no space, you need to clean the storage device and then install the application again.


Query: Xmod is crashing in your android devices?

Solution: If this issue is happening, then first of all reboot your device first and then install the application again which will help you in running. Also, if possible download the older version initially. you can use kingoroot app also

Query: Xmod is for all Android Devices?

Solution: Yes, Xmod APK is available for all the Android devices and whatever their version is, you can easily install them.

With the help of these basic questions, people are installing this Xmod Apk to their mobile devices or tablets which are of great use. Those who are unaware of the application are also getting recommendations from Play store so that they can also experience something new to what they were playing earlier. This application is of great use if you are using it for playing high intensity games like Clash of Clans, etc. All you need to know is how to operate the game with the help of this feature and then you are on. This Xmod Download is for all the generation and you can easily use t without appearance of bugs or problems.

What you need to do more it to activate your internet connection properly so that you can get the necessary notification from Xmod app and then you are able to use it properly. It offers limitless experience of playing games over Android phones. Thus, with the help of this article, you are able to know the features and importance of Xmod for your games. You can now install Xmod APK and use it to get practical experience and you can share your experience with others so that they can also install it.

“There is a contact us feature also available over which you can contact at anytime if you find it difficult to use Xmod app or you are not very much sure how to use it or getting bugs while using it too.”